COVID-19: information to guarantee safety when travelling by public transport


Public transport operators are committed to continue to offer the general public with the most extensive service possible, particularly at peak hours, and with the highest health guarantees that the sector is able to provide. 

There is a key factor in that regard: users have to act responsibly and follow the health authorities’ recommendations to ensure that the risk of transmission on public transport is very low.

The service provided by Euskotren, and the other operators, adheres to the health, economy and transport guidelines set by the Public Administration, along with the recommendations of international and national authorities of the sectors involved in passenger transport. The service of the Basque public transport operators is fundamental to meet the mobility needs and guarantee the continuity of the socio-economic activity, and bearing in mind the following public health recommendations:

 1) WEAR A MASK: remember that wearing a mask is mandatory on public transport for your safety and that of the other users. Make sure the mask covers your mouth and noise, with no gaps between your face and the mask. Change it when it is damp or shows signs of wear.  Wash your hands before and after using it. Remove it using the ear loops. And do not touch the front (if you do so, wash your hands).

 2) PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE: use hand sanitiser and avoid touching any surface.  Don’t forget that it is important that you avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. You should use a hand sanitiser when getting on and off the public transport to reduce the risk of infection even further.

 3) KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE AND TRAVEL IN SILENCE: make your way along the platform and the train to keep as far away from the other users. During the busiest times (peak hours) when it is, sometimes, not possible to keep the recommended distance, it will be all the more necessary to follow the other recommendations and travel in silence. The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has pinpointed this measure as a decisive factor to increase safety and reduce the low risks of infection. 

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