Energy efficiency

Traction power is reduced by standardising the driving styles

Changes in engine driver habits

One of the characteristics of railway transport is the existence of a timetable (service plan) that sets out the departure and arrival times, the travel time between stations, and the crossing points on single-track sections. Therefore, driving efficiency basically depends on how the engine drivers in charge of the trains “pull, divert and brake”. The "efficient driving” project, which is being applied by Euskotren, aims to optimize how the units are driven by improving the driving habits of the drivers, in order to reduce energy consumption, pollution, improve the comfort of passengers and reduce any risk.

Statistical consumption analysis

The technological developments incorporated in the 900 and 950 series trains will allow Euskotren to perform a statistical power consumption analysis based on the drivers on each line and, therefore, identify the best values from an energy efficiency point of view to establish them as targets and to standardise the driving style of the engine drivers as far as possible.

Technical equipment

In the 900 and 950 series units (trains), the technical equipment incorporates a cinematic recorder module, which records the actual driving parameters (date, time, service, agent, speed, space, effort, consumption, etc.); an efficient profile module, which stores the efficient profiles for each route; and an interface module, where the engine drivers can view “efficient target speed” notices. The Land Management Application performs a statistical calculation to determine the profiles that result in a lower consumption of power, as well as the profiles that must be transferred to the train. With this new step, it will be possible to download the actual consumption variables associated with the different routes between stations and services to the database and to establish the theoretical efficient driving mode that will be "uploaded" to the train to be displayed on the driving panel as the “efficient target speed”.