Euskotren has renovated its website and improved its performance


Euskotren has renovated its website and improved its performance


Euskotren, a Public Company dependent on the Basque Government, has renovated its information website with new features that improve the information and service offered to the users of its various modes of transport.

The new website, which is more visual, intuitive and user-friendly, provides practical, up-to-date, and detailed information on Euskotren’s railway, Metro, tram, cable car and bus services.

The design is based on accessibility guidelines to ensure it can be used by the greatest possible number of people. In the past, information was provided in Basque and Spanish; however, now, it also comes in French and English to cater for the thousands of tourists that use the Euskotren network; particularly those from across the border.

The main changes regarding content are the following:

• An online search engine enables users to find Metro, railway and tram timetables and fares. This tool can also provide information regarding changes and alternatives to regular services in the event of incidents or disruptions that affect the timetables originally published.

• Transparency. Citizens can find all the institutional, organisational, economic, financial and hiring information they need in one section. In addition to complying with current laws, Euskotren goes a step further to ensure the transparency of its operations.

• Tourist Information. Euskotren is the operator of choice of many people for their daily commutes (work, studies, other daily activities...), but it is also essential for the tourist industry since many of the emblematic destinations in the Basque Country can be reached by train and tram. The new website provides a specific section on possible tourist routes and points of interest.

• The Accessibility of Stations. Detailed information is provided on the accessibility of railway stations, including spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility and explanations regarding signs found in the trains and how to open the doors.

The new website will continue to offer travel information (types of tickets, fares, maps of the lines...), service incidents, news, corporate and social responsibility information, as well as data regarding sustainability, communications, and customer service, and the option to submit a complaint regarding the service provided.

Currently, in addition to the information provided in its trains, stations, platforms, stops, and customer service offices, Euskotren provides information by telephone (944 333333) and on its website, twitter account (@euskotrenEJGV) and the official Euskotren App.