Tarifas descuento 50%


Euskotren applies 50% discount to the journeys using Barik, BAT and Mugi cards 


This discount will continue until 31 December 2023. It will be applied automatically without any additional formality being required

In accordance with Legislative Royal Decree 11/2022 of 25 June, which establishes a subsidy of 30% for all existing multi-trip tickets for public transport services by land, Euskotren is applying the discount, which it has furthermore increased to 50%, to all journeys paid for using its three contactless travel cards. The discount is valid for trips by rail and by tram (Barik, BAT and Mugi), as well as for the monthly pass for the Larreineta funicular and the 10-trip ticket for the Kukullaga-Etxebarri lift (both bought without needing a travel card).

The discounts are applied to all the existing fare scales. All the available different concessionary cards, such as the ones for large families, the social tariff, the youth and senior cards, and for people with disabilities, etc.

The discount does not apply to single or return tickets bought on paper. The season tickets taken out with transport companies from outside the BAC (Passbask, Euskopass, Txik-txak, Transbus, Bortziri…) are not covered by the scheme.

The discount is managed automatically using the standard means of payment and, therefore, users do not need to complete any additional formality. 

  • TYPE OF DISCOUNT:    50%
  • IN FORCE:   Until 31 December 2023
  • TICKETS COVERED:    Barik, BAT and Mugi season tickets: Larreineta funicular monthly pass and the 10-trip ticket for the Kukullaga-Etxebarri
  • FORMALITY:    Automatic. Users are not required to complete any formality. 

For administrative reasons, we recommend buying the Barik temporary travel cards (Bidai - Gazte) before 1 July or after 10 July, as the 50% discount will not apply to the price of those cards between those dates.