September 11: subway, train lines and Bilbao tramway will offer winter timetables


Euskotren, the publicly-owned company belonging to the Basque Government’s Ministry for Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport, will implement the winter timetable for its rail and subway services on Monday 11 September.       

After the end of the summer holiday period and things gradually returning to normal, the winter timetable will come into force on all the Euskotren railway and subway lines (L3 in Bilbao) on 11 September; that will also be the case for the bus shuttle service between Usansolo station and the Hospital. The change is aimed at adapting the times and frequencies to the travel needs mainly for educational or work reasons.      

The winter timetable for the Bilbao tramway service, managed by Euskotren, will come into force on Monday 11th as well. 


Bus transfer service due to the disruption of the railway service between Zumaia and Zarautz

On the other hand, Euskotren would remind passengers that the rail service in the Zumaia-Zarautz section of the Bilbao-Donostia/San Sebastián line is disrupted due to the Meagas tunnel repair work. ETS is therefore providing a bus transfer service as follows: 

  • For the journeys to Donostia/San Sebastián: the bus transfer starts in Zumaia and passengers continue by road to their final destination. 
  • In the opposite direction, towards Bilbao, the bus transfer starts in Zarautz. In this case, the bus service ends in Eibar, where the passengers continuing towards Bilbao board the trains again. 

Euskotren recommends that passengers planning to travel by train, subway or tram check  the times in advance using the official APP or the search engine on Further information is also available by phoning 944 333 333 and at the stations with Euskotren staff.