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Lurraldebus is the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa's inter-city public bus transport service, connecting the entire Gipuzkoa territory and joining the three Basque capitals. Public inter-city transport services by road are the responsibility of the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa, and they are managed through concessionary companies that won the tender for the different services. However, the zones, lines, tickets, fares and travel conditions of these services are established by the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa itself.

Euskotren is one of these concessionary companies and manages the following bus lines: 


  • DB04 Mallabia-Ondarroa
  • DB02 Ermua-Donostia
  • DB06 Soraluze-Ondarroa
  • DB05 Ondarroa/Mutriku-Deba-Zumaia
  • DB01 Eibar-Elgeta
  • DB03 Lekeitio-Donostia

 Debabarrena Timetable

Urola Kosta:

  • UK09 Zumaia-Donostia (N634)
  • UK10 Zumaia-Zarautz-Donostia (AP-8)
  • UK11 Zumaia-Orio-Donostia (AP-8)
  • UK07 Aizarnazabal-Zumaia-Zestoa
  • UK08 Zarautz-Aia-Orio

 Urola Kosta Timetable