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A sudden departure is considered as one of the riskiest and irresponsible decisions!


A sudden departure is considered as one of the riskiest and irresponsible decisions. But sometimes it can become a unique experience, and one more interesting story in your life. A lot of people who had tried to go for a spontaneous trip told it was their best journey.

There were Euskotren customers among all these storytellers, and they decided to share their stories with our audience. They said they were due to leave in a couple of days, and they did not have any doubts about their financial situation or other things that should be resolved and prepared before a trip.

They both were in love with the Spanish culture, and the one dream they had was to celebrate their anniversary date in the Basque Republic. So, they decided to go there and travel around all the country, visiting all the exciting places, taking photos near landmarks and attractions, and eating the local specialties.

So, without a second thought, the couple had taken a small personal loan without credit check, booked a flight and a hotel room, packed up, and arrived in the Basque Country in a couple of days. They mentioned that they were taking Euskotren trains as a means of transportation during their whole trip around the country. The rest of the time, they were walking, admiring breathtaking views of the country. They said they did not regret about this spontaneous decision even for a minute.

Many people who have tried to go for an unexpected journey will agree with this couple. Especially Pete and Janie, who decided to take a personal loan for a last-minute vacation, a Caribbean cruise. All these people are happy to tell their stories for encouraging other travelers to go for spontaneous trips as it indeed can leave you a lot of pleasant memories and emotions and become the greatest adventure of your life.