Many people dream of visiting Spain, and especially, the Basque Republic


Many people dream of visiting Spain, and especially, the Basque Republic


Many people dream of visiting Spain, and especially, the Basque Republic, and travel around the country without spending a lot of money. But unfortunately, traveling is considered as one of the most expensive activities. It makes lots of people think that they are not able to afford even a road trip. The first thoughts are: how much will the accommodation cost? How much will I pay for food? Will I have enough money to visit all the exciting places? Will I be able to leave some funds for gifts and souvenirs? Etc.

All these doubts and misperceptions play a significant role in the final decision concerning a potential journey. And if they are not dispelled on time, people will not go for a trip and go on thinking that all types of vacation are extremely expensive.

But what if they know there are a lot of ways to travel frugally all-around Basque Country and avoid the massive spending? Euskotren has provided some useful tips to us to find out what options we have to travel on a budget:

Looking for Last-Minute Deals

Last-minute trip planning is often more expensive than booking in advance, but not always. Many hotels use various sites and apps to offload excess inventory at steeply discounted prices, often as far in advance as a week. In general, savings increase as the stay approaches, so this way of planning is particularly useful for day-before or morning-of bookings.

Using a Travel Rewards Credit Card

Its worthiness depends on how frequently you travel as the more money you charge on a travel rewards card, the more points or miles you get. So, this option is the best choice for people who travel often and usually take advantage of slow travel days and seasons to get the most out of their rewards.

Staying in Hostels

A hostel is one of the best options to avoid paying high hotel costs. They offer inexpensive lodging and occasionally meals to travelers. The one thing you need to know – you’ll need to share space with other travelers, but it’s not all bad. You get your own bed and just may make some new friends while you’re there. That is why hostels work best if you’re flying solo or traveling as a couple.

Skipping three meals a day eating

It’s better to stay somewhere with free breakfast and then – have a very light lunch or some takeaway food. This way, you can have one big restaurant meal for dinner.

Choosing public transportation or walking

This is one of the things that can help you to save tons of money. Public transportation lets you avoid dealing with driving in traffic and high costs of gas and vehicle maintenance. Concerning walking, it is the most useful and cheapest way of transportation as it increases your activity as well. Choosing these methods of getting around can become a great choice to have a great time, walking around the beautiful streets and stretch your family budget, saving a lot of money at the same time.

Follow these tips, and you will have incredible vacations in the Basque Republic with no worrying about your budget.