Euskotren Initiates Cooperation with Iberia Airlines

Euskotren Initiates Cooperation with Iberia Airlines

Recently, a commuter, inter-city, and urban transit train-operating company, Euskotren, has initiated cooperation with famous airlines Iberia, based in Madrid. They are going to join and promote a new Iberia Airlines Frequent Flyer program.

This rewards program called Iberia Plus allows its users to earn special points just by flying with this airline and its partners. These points can be used for free flights, hotel stays, car hire, entertainment in certain areas, and many other things. As Euskotren is associated with this program, it means that all the customers of the company can use Iberia Plus services as well.

Each member enrolled in the program has an opportunity to upgrade his card to the next level, which means a lot of additional perks and benefits will become available. He is also invited to maximize the benefits afforded by the program by earning a special currency called Avios. To get Avios, you need just to use different services of the company such as flights, partners' services, promotions, and products. Also, they are earned as bonuses when you fly as a Gold or Platinum member.

It is important to mention that Avios have their own expiration period, and it is 36 months since the last activity. So, if you do not want to lose all the accrued points, you need to spend them as soon as possible.

Also, it is not necessary to worry about credit card spending, as there are various banks in Spain and other countries that are the Iberia's partners such as Iberia Sendo, American Express, Global Exchange, Santander, Inversis Banco, Aegon, Diners Club, and etc. Their different credit card selections are offered for selecting country citizens and provide an opportunity to earn Avios for everyday spend.

Being a Euskotren customer and automatically becoming a member of the Iberia Plus Program, you will see a lot of new doors opening in front of you. You just need to take advantage of all the benefits that are being provided to you and enjoy your life!