Group travel

The purpose of group travel arrangements is to facilitate access to trains, trams, or cable cars for acknowledged groups (schools and associations).

Terms of purchase

  • The minimum number of people required to authorise a group trip is 10. 
  • The request for a group trip must be made at least 48 hours prior to the trip by calling the Gipuzkoa or Bizkaia Commercial Office at 94.401.99.00.
  • Only applications received before 12:00 on a Friday or the day before a public holiday will be processed.
  • If the station is staffed, a validation line will be opened for you; otherwise, tickets will be available from the Ticket Vending Machine using a tracking number or you will be instructed to enter over the public address system.
  • The group must travel together.
  • Seats are not guaranteed.
  • Euskotren does not provide host services to groups. 
  • The prices applied to group trips do not include discounts based on age and children under the age of 6 must also pay.
  • The trip can be single or return.
  • On Railway group trips, the fare applied will be the Mugi Personalizada for trips between Ermua and Hendaye. The Barik fare will be applied on the route between Lezama, Deba, and the Bermeo-Amorebieta Branch. In the case of inter-provincial routes between Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia and vice versa, the inter-provincial fare established by Euskotren will be applied.
  • In the case of group trips on the Bilbao or Gasteiz Tram services, the Barik or Bat fares will be applied, as relevant.
  • The offer does not allow changes once the group ticket has been generated. Partial cancellations are not allowed, only the cancellation of all the group members. The trip must take place on another date under the same terms, within a maximum period of three months.
  • Any arrangements between Euskotren stations and L3 or vice versa will be made by Euskotren. Any arrangements between Metro stations (lines 1, 2 and 3) will be made by the Customer Service Offices at the Metro stations.