The tram service is a universal mode of transport adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

This is achieved by the careful design of the stops and the tram carriages.

Euskotren has always attempted to avoid unnecessary elements and architectural barriers that may pose obstacles to people with some type of disability or for prams, etc.

The tram units have been designed to carry 192 people, of which 50 can be seated. There are two spaces on each tram reserved for people with limited mobility issues.

To ensure the adaptability and accessibility of the stops, there are several tools, such as: information at the stops in Braille, accessible height of information panels, ticket vending and validation machines with modes for people with impaired vision with cyberpass to locate vending machines with “Telecoil” and Braille messages, and double height validation, and finally, “Telecoil” intercoms.

Tram units also feature accessible emergency opening and intercom systems, public address systems for people with impaired hearing, and acoustic door position systems for people with impaired eyesight.