Euskotren to offer a special night train service during the Bermeo Festivities


Euskotren to offer a special night train service during the Bermeo Festivities


During the Bermeo festivities, Euskotren will run a special night train service to provide a convenient public transport option for the people to enjoy them. 

Night runs will run on 9 (Friday), 10 (Saturday), 16 (Friday) and 17 (Saturday) September. On Friday 9th and 16th, between Gernika and Bermeo. And Saturday 10th and 17th, on the Amorebieta – Gernika – Bermeo section. Those trains will not stop at the Institutoa halt. 

On Friday 9 and 16 September, Euskotren will run an hourly service in each direction on the Gernika – Bermeo section. The trains will depart from Gernika at the following times: 23:11, 0:42, 1:42, 2:42, 3:42, 4:42 and 5:42 hours. In the other direction, the night trains will depart from Bermeo at 0:18, 1:18, 2:18, 3:18, 4:18, 5:18 and 6:18 hours.

As regards Saturday 10 and 17 September, the usual Saturday night service, with trains running between Amorebieta and Bermeo every two hours, will be bolstered with several special departures between Gernika and Bermeo. The trains will thus run between Gernika and Bermeo every hour, approximately, throughout the night. The departures from Amorebieta to Bermeo will take place at the following times: 0:19, 2:19, 4:19 and 6:19 hours. From Gernika to Bermeo, at 23:33, 0:42, 1:42, 2:42, 3:42, 4:42, 5:42 and 6:42 hours. In the other direction, the departures from Bermeo will be at the following times: 23:39 (to Amorebieta), 0:18 (to Gernika), 1:18 (to Amorebieta), 2:18 (to Gernika), 3:18 (to Amorebieta), 4:18 (to Gernika), 5:18 (to Amorebieta) and 6:18 (to Gernika).

Euskotren recommends that train passengers check the train times in advance using the official APP or the search engine on Passengers are also reminded that masks must still be worn on public transport. 

Further information is available from Euskotren staff at the manned stations, or by calling 944 333 333 and from the @euskotren Twitter account.